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Photo Charter!

Tickets are selling fast! Please join us on a one day photo charter through the beautiful Wisconsin countryside. Your ticket purchase helps support the Soo 1003.

Brodie Photography is operating a photo charter in November 2023 with the 1003. Details can be found here.

Soo Line #1003 Photo Charter Tickets


Soo Line 1003 110th Birthday!!!

Steam Crew Volunteer, Connor Siemers

March 1913. Unbeknown to the builders and craftsmen of the American Locomotive Company Schenectady Works, one of their industrial marks in history will go on to link their present with the future and our present with the past. The 2-8-2 behemoth known then in the shop as #52826, emerged from the shop as we know it today as Soo Line 1003. What a long way it has come in the past 110 years. From running revenue freight on the Soo Line for forty plus years to showcasing railroad history since 1996. 1003 represents an era that has since come and gone. Like a train in motion, the past, current and future of the engine as well as the enthusiasm of the volunteers, is always moving forward. After doing various community trips, Santa trains and photo charters, the Steam Locomotive Heritage Association are proud of our Volunteers, past and present, for putting their time, skills, and efforts into the upkeep of the locomotive. We also want to thank our generous donors and our supporting fans for their support throughout the years. We are excited to start off this month of March and in the year 2023 to celebrate 1003’s 110th “Bulid-day!” Follow announcements on our website and if you’re willing to donate to keep history steaming, please consider a donation to the group. We look forward to seeing you all soon for years to come along the line with Soo Line 1003!

Donations greatly appreciated!

Steam Locomotive Heritage Association
P.O. Box 270594
Hartford, WI 53027-0594


Soo 1003 at Hartford, Wisconsin, photo by Connor Siemers.

Trains photo charter 2021, Horicon, Wisconsin. Chris Guess photo.