About SLHA

The Steam Locomotive Heritage Association, based in Hartford, Wisconsin, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to reconstruct, maintain and display steam locomotives and associated historic railroad equipment for educational purposes.

The Association aims to operate steam locomotives with period railroad equipment as a mobile museum and to visit many communities to educate the public about the historic role of this technology in the history of the United States. In addition, SLHA exists to assist the efforts of other charitable and community organizations by operating steam locomotives as an attraction to their events.

Soo Line #1003 south of Milton, Wisconsin.

The Steam Locomotive Heritage Association currently operates the Soo Line #1003, a restored Mikado-type steam locomotive built in 1913. In September, 2012, skilled crews finished a complete rebuild of #1003 and the 82 ft. long, 493,100 lb. locomotive now visits communities in Wisconsin with a compliment of volunteers to fulfill the mission of SLHA. Locomotive #1003 is stored and available for viewing at the Wisconsin Automotive Museum, also in Hartford, Wisconsin.

Be sure to check out the Upcoming Events section to see where SLHA will be next, then make plans to come out and see a truly historic locomotive, caboose, equipment, uniforms and of course, the cast of volunteers that make it happen.

SLHA operates steam locomotives and period equipment in various community events. Volunteers, like Dale and Jim, provide the backbone for our educational mission.